---Level 1+---
- Are your Construction Hammers upgrading buildings?
- Is your College researching new technology?
- Are your Barracks recruiting troops?
- Did you collect all resources from the mines in your city?
- Did you use all your Stamina to attack Monsters?
- Did you use all your Alliance Technology donation times?
- Did you collect Daily Quest rewards?
- Have you done your daily Rallies at the Ancient Ruins?
- Have you done your daily Rebels battles at the Ancient Ruins?
- Do you have any active Lord Skills to use? (e.g. Harvest)
- Did you donate Alliance Flowers at the Royal City?
- Did you collect from your Cargo Cart?
- Are all your marches out Gathering? (right before going offline)

---Level 10+---
- Is your Castle Wall recruiting Golems?
- Did you check the Merchant for Beast XP, Lord XP, Stamina, Materials, and other rare items? Remember to trade some Shells too!
- Is your Workshop producing Materials?
- Did you use your free daily Conjures at the Altar?
- Did you rally Elite Monsters for Artifact-related items?

---Level 15+---
- Have you reached your daily Guardian Force limit?
- Is your Guardian Temple recruiting Angels?

---Level 30+---
- Have you collected all Azurite from your Azurite Mine?
- Have you done your daily Royal Trials at the Ancient Ruins?

TL;DR: Always make sure all research/upgrade queues are active and that anything with a cooldown has been used up for the day!

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Check how many available for TA so can find a suitable victim - share co-ordinates
All click on co-ordinates - click attack and check time to arrive onsite (DO NOT CLICK ATTACK!)
Share times in chat
Person with longest arrival time will start the attack
When ready to attack put "In 5" into chat
Set your attack and then in chat put "Gone"
All other members add 3 seconds to their attack time - this gives you time to go into set army and set out.
When the attack countdown hits your value release your army
(recommendation - only one horse in your attack formation)

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- Farms are extra accounts/castles - their only job is to gather resources and you attack them when you need the rss or share with your alliance.
- Create new accounts - as many as you can (make sure you bind your other accounts)
- Move farm to near your castle or FoF farm yard and request to join an FoF farm alliance
- Get barracks upto level 5 or above
- Get 3 marching armies if not 4
- Recruit minimum T2 cavalry (best collector's and cheapest,fastest too recuit)
- Take castle and farms to L15 in order to collect iron
- Keep them bubbled if you can or empty regularly if not
- Any questions please just ask - we will all help you

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Formation Calculators

Army Formations Calculator (Printable)

Army Formations Calculator with Help

Army Formations Calculator with by Infnatry Size

1: Attack Formation

Please ensure your marching army is under your hospital capacity.

15% - highest even tier Infantry
100 - highest odd Infantry
1 - highest even Cavalry
1 - highest odd Cavalry
1 - Angel
1 - your highest odd Archer
50% - highest even tier Archers
Rest fill up with your highest Mages and 1 - next highest Mage

2: Defense Formation
15% - your highest odd Infantry
5 Of your highest even Infantry
1 Of your highest even Cavalry
1 Of your highest odd Cavalry
1 Of your highest odd Mage
50% - highest even Mages
30% - highest even Archers
Rest fill up with highest odd Archers and last with Angels

3: Fake Attack
1 Even Infantry
1 Odd Infantry
1 Even Cavalry
1 Odd Cavalry
1 Even Mage
1 Odd Mage
1 Even Archer
1 Odd Archer
1 Angel
Fake attacks will come in handy when we Port attack or do Rally attacks.

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